Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baking, Baking, Procrastinating

Mmmm cookies. So I have a project due this week in my theory of massage class. Big, huge case study group project. I've assigned myself the most work because I am kinda a control freak for school things. I feel like most projects I can do all by myself and also I don't want people to think I am slacking off in the group so I assign myself huge amounts of work and then give the other people smaller tasks and I always say "I'll put it all together." (I was also drilled with grammar every day of grade 12 English so I am usually the best proofreader for projects as well...) Anyway, yeah, so I have that due. Thus, I have been doing anything but that. Today I baked some Chocolate Chip Squares and they turned out awesome and gooey and delicious (I've had two already) and then I baked some Shortbread with Chocolate chips in it just using a basic shortbread recipe. Yum!

Now I think I'll watch some Lost and crochet a bit more. Haha.

- Love, Becka


Breanna said...

Those chocolate chip squares sound so good! I'm adding them to my "to bake" folder.

Bombshell Becka said...

I was skeptical at first cuz it didn't look like it would rise high enough to be squares or there wasn't enough batter but halfway through baking I looked in and saw their glory and was like "OOOOOOH YEAH!"

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