Monday, April 12, 2010

FOTD - Think Pink, and EOTN, and a Rant

I was sorely tempted to do another shimmery neutrally silvery eye look for today, but I figured my last two FOTDs were that and I should pick a different colour, so I went with pink. Yesterday was the "pink it your way" thinger that I got invited to on Facebook and I wore a pink coat when I went out, so I decided to continue the pink trend for today as well.

Products Used
Rimmel Primer
Almay TLC Foundation in Buff
Red Earth Blush in RD040
My random mix of loose powder

Ten Beauty Cream e/s in a reddish pink shade
Mary Kay e/s in the pink half of Cotton Candy
Fyrinnae e/s in B*tchslap
Pure Luxe e/s in Smug
NYX e/s in Purple
Stila e/s in Kitten
Bonne Bell e/l in Soft Black
Maybelline wtrprf Mascaras in Very Black (Great Lash and The Colossal)

Revlon Colorstay l/s in Sheer Watermelon

With Flash

Natural Light

After school with flash

So you can see the colour still stays strong.  I'm pleased because usually I'd have to use the UDPP for that kinda lasting power but putting the Rimmel Primer over my eyelids seems to have the same lasting effect.  Perhaps if I put UDPP over the Rimmel I wouldn't ever be able to remove my eyeshadow?  Haha.

So onto the EOTN.  It's from last night, actually.  I was bored and had watched waaay to much Lost (I'm almost caught up to the current season now) and so I needed to pass the time and decided to play around.  It started out as just being a tropical look but then I kept adding colour and it became a somewhat rainbow.  The pic quality isn't great because I had my desklamp shining on my face so I could use no flash on my camera.  But here it is, if you want specific products, ask cuz I don't feel like listing them.

Yeah, so that's that.  Ignore my unmakeuped skin around my eye, it was late.  Now for my rant.  I am sick.  I have a sore throat, I feel feverish almost and I have recurring migraine activity.  Walking to the bus stop made me want to throw up and cry, and it's only 6 mins from my house.  Now, that's bad in and of itself, but combined with the fact that this always seems to happen whenever I decide to start a new workout routine? Yeah, I'm pissed.  Some examples to illustrate my bad luck in this area: In 4th year Uni, I got Pneumonia and broke a rib from coughing so much about two weeks after biking to and from my placement and deciding I would do that more often; this past fall I decide to start eating right and exercising more and I get like, H1N1 or something; then along the same lines, I start exercising in Jan and I end up with a shoulder injury.  Not good luck.  My boy Sean was like "why don't you just go for a long walk anyway?" well...if I feel like barf from walking to the bus stop, I'd hate to see what 20 mins, 40 mins, an hour would do...

I won't let this conquer me though.  Hopefully it only lasts a few days rather than a week or more. What are your best get healthy quick schemes?

- Love, Becka

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