Thursday, April 29, 2010

Custom Nail Polish

I got this idea from watching this pursebuzz video on youtube.  The only issue is that I am not a huge fan of nude nail polish.  When you have to have clear/no nail polish on for clinic at school, when you get to wear nail polish you want it to be fun and bright.  So I decided to try this with mineral eyeshadow instead of just mineral foundation.

The Results:

Excuse the messiness of the nails, I tend to just make sure I cover the surface and I don't care too much if it goes around the edges.  It comes off easily enough later.

What I used:
Fyrinnae Lucky Charmed

I just put a little bit of it into a Coke cap and took my older clear nail polish, got a bunch on the brush and dipped it into the powder in the cap.  Made it smooth and applied.  I attempted to wipe off the brush before re-dipping, but if you are careful it doesn't mess up the clear.  I used an old one anyway, so I don't care if there's a hint of colour in it.

I have so many mineral eyeshadows that I find I don't use much on my eyes, so I think this will be a great idea to use some of them up so I can allow myself to buy more!  I have some dark sparkly ones I am especially excited about.  The only thing is that I wouldn't wear the matching eyeshadow while I have it on my nails, haha.

- Love, Becka


Jo said...

Oh wow, I've never even heard of doing that before, it looks awesome!

..R May A.. said...

wow.. i want to try this!
I hadn't heard of it before either..
love the colour by the way :)

Becka said...

some guy at work was like "nice nails" and I told him about it, even though he won't ever use it haha.

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