Saturday, April 3, 2010

My First Warehouse Sale....

And Walmart purchases.  So I read in the newspaper that there was a "blowout cosmetics sale" going on at one of the arenas in a nearby sportsplex.  I was intrigued but I wasn't going to go out of my way to make a trip to see what it was all about.  This morning my sister and I were doing a whole bunch of shopping and were going to go to Wal-mart, but never ended up making it there because we ran out of time.  So I had just gotten back from a 3 hour long shopping trip with nothing to show for it.  I wanted something.  I know I am doing Project 10 Pan, but I have set myself different rules, so I wanted to get myself primer.  So I set out for Walmart.  They didn't have the primer I wanted, but I decided to try out something different.  I picked up a few other things there and then left.  On the way back I thought "hmmm, I could go check out that warehouse sale thinger" so I did.  And I ended up getting, combined with the Walmart excursion, 7 cosmetic related items for about $30.  Score!

 At Walmart I bought:
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer

 It cost about 8 bucks plus taxes.  It goes on orangey coloured which is kinda off putting, but it blends in well.  So far I love this stuff.  I think I might just wear it plain even.  It makes my pores look smaller and the tint to it kinda evens out my skintone just enough.  I think it will be awesome for the summer.  Plus you use such a small amount that I think it will last a long time.  I still want to try other primers, but I may end up coming back to this.

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

This is the "classic" mascara that I am pretty sure most everyone and their mother has used at least once.  It's cheap, $5.  Honestly, that's the only reason I went for it.  I don't really have a reason to avoid it, other than I hate the packaging.  I've tried it now and it has a smaller brush than I am used to, which is okay.  It doesn't really do anything.  No volume, no length, just blackens and makes the lashes stand out a bit more.  I think it will be great for everyday natural looks.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Green With Envy

I saw this at a store when I was out with my sister and I wanted it, but didn't want to wait in line.  So I got it at Wal-mart and was able to pay at the cosmetics section and there was no line.  Woohoo!  I love this brand, it's cheap (2 bucks!) and it lasts pretty well.  I find most nailpolish chips on me no matter what so I like cheaper stuff.  The colour is a non-electric lime green I guess.  Very spring-y, which is why I got it.

At the Warehouse Sale I bought:

Revlon Age Defying Translucent Finishing Powder in Translucent Light

I wanted a compact that has a brush because I hate those little sponges or puffs or whatever.  They had a bunch of foundations and stuff at the sale and I could've probably bought them all it was amazing.  But I felt guilty so I just bought one, and since this had a brush I went for it.  It was only $6 at the sale, and this stuff I think usually goes for at least $15 in stores.

Revlon Pinch Me Gel Blush in Plum Flushed

This was limited edition a while ago, and was retailing here for about $20.  I picked it up for $1.  I was dumb and didn't notice the colours on the side of the bottle so I didn't know what colour I was getting.  But I have been wanting a plum blush for a while, so I guess I lucked out. When I first put it on it looked a little weird, but now that it's settled in it looks totally natural.

Revlon Bare it All Lustrous Lotion in Peachy Tease

This was $2 and that was the main reason for wanting it.  It's just like a tinted shimmer mousse gel kinda thing.  I think I'll use it as a hilighter for my cheekbones and temples.  Maybe even on my collarbones or something.  I have large pores around my nose so I wouldn't use it there.  It's a nice shimmery flesh-tone so I think it will work well as hilight.

Revlon Nail Polish in Racy Raspberry

I just wanted a hot girly pink, so I picked this up for $2.  I haven't tried it out yet so I have no idea how it goes on.  But I can't wait to try.

*Note: I did not take these photographs, I acquired them through google images by searching for the products I bought.


Lleyow Baguette said...

That's so cheap! I like Rimmel products, I find them to be pretty gopod for the price. I have a primer from GOSH, and it feels like kinda silky on my skin and kind of greasy? I rarely use it, so I might try the Rimmel one.
I've tried the Great Lash mascara and didn't like it :-(
I LOVE the Revlon nail polish, that is such a great colour. I;m jealous of your amazing bargainettes :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following.
I'm loving the mint green nail colours at the moment.

Bombshell Becka said...

Jo, I find the clear primers (GOSH, Revlon, Smashbox even) if you put even a slight bit too much they feel greasy. It's silicone based so it's not greasy but it feels the same. Some people just are more sensitive to it. Sean, for instance thought it was greasy on my hand when I simply found it smooth. Haha.

Helen, I have been wanting more pastel colours lately. I have a bunch of darker colours and nothing light other than sheer pinks and whites.

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