Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Lent is over! I can drink Coke again whenever I want hahahah!  I won't go back to how I was though, because that was sad.  I was having about 3 cans a day, give or take.  Unfortunately I didn't lose much weight which is disappointing because I know other people who cut out Coke and then they like lose 40 lbs or something in a week.  (Hello, exaggeration).  I lost, about 3 lbs total?  And that includes me doing a bit more physical activity (strength training once or twice a week and walking a bit more) and trying to eat a bit better as well.  So while it's not nothing, it also ain't much at all, and thus confirms my thoughts that drinking Coke wasn't having that large an effect on my weight.
But anyhow, I still won't go back.  I'll just be able to have a Coke now and then if I am having a crave.  And hopefully I can continue this minor weightloss and make it into a bigger weightloss.  I plan to walk to or from school more often, even if it's just taking a different bus and walking 20 mins extra rather than the full 50 mins to from my school to my house.  I also have been eating more fruits.  I shall try veggies too, but I usually don't like much in the line of raw veggies, and carrying cooked veggies is kinda a hassle to keep warm.  So we shall see.  And I'll be drinking more water for sure.  I need to set up rewards for minor accomplishments though.  I have a major reward if I lose all the weight I plan to, I have a whole box of clothing that is a few sizes smaller than I am now and thus, if I lose all the weight, I will have a new wardrobe!  But it's easy to get discouraged.  So I think I'll make the first goal 10 lbs because my weight occasionally fluctuates up to 5 lbs at times depending on what I ate the day before I weigh myself.  So if it's 10 lbs, I can be sure it's not a glitch.

The other issue, however, is that I have been measured and sized for my sister's wedding as I am a bridesmaid.  The size they got me at was equal all over pretty much, unlike the other two girls who both had a size or two difference between the hips and the bust.  So I don't want to lose too much weight before the wedding so that my dress requires great alteration.  5-10 lbs lost total (I expect to gain some muscle again as well) should be okay, however.  And I don't think I'll be in danger of losing more that fast (the wedding is in June).  So I guess this isn't an issue.  Haha.

Okay, so that's it then.  I figure this should be easier than times before because I have made the discoveries in the past while that a) Chocolate and sweets make my teeth hurt, so I have to REALLY want it, b) too much sugar makes me feel feverish and gives me night sweats which aren't fun and c) I really like apples.

- Love, Becka

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