Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday's Happenings

So it was raining all yesterday and normally my hair just turns into a frizzy ball of ugh when it's humid and wet out, but not this Saturday. No, my hair decided to do awesome things and suddenly I realized I had actual curls in my hair. Normally, yeah, I have waves. I can only really get any curl if I don't touch my hair at all when it's drying (as in, no combing it through at all, so I therefore get a weird part and slightly curled hair). If I just comb it all out I get decent classic hollywood starlet waves (score!). But yesterday I had actual curls. This is how I wish my hair always was. No wonder I love rain.

Pics after the jump.

Ignore my random expression here.

So in other news...Coke has a "golden can" in commemoration of the Canadian Hockey Teams' gold medals this past Olympics.  It's limited edition and apparently collectors are all over it. Well, I thought I had gotten the wrong case when I bought the coke.  I think it's hilarious actually.  It doesn't look gold so much as it looks like they forgot a layer of colouring in the can factory...or the cans were left in the sun too long.  They weird me out.  Haha.
I like the classic red much better. 

- Love, Becka


Jo said...

Your hair looks GORGEOUS like that! It brings out the colour too 'cause the light is hitting the curls better.

Breanna said...

Your hair looks fabulous, I'm really jealous! Those coke cans are cool too. For some reason our commissary is still selling Christmas ones.

Becka said...

Thanks guys! I wish I could say it does this often but it doesn't :(

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